Insulin Is Not A Cure For Diabetes

Anyone affected by diabetes will have a number of options open to them to handle the condition and among these options is the one that requires preventing the disease, curing it and finally, taking care of oneself so that further complications do not arise that are often very serious and consequences of which can be nothing short of disastrous. Thus, a lot of research and effort is going into finding cure for diabetes and in this regard the National Institutes of Health and Center for Disease Control are actively involved.

National Institutes Of Health And Center For Disease Control On Two Separate Paths

In fact, the National Institutes of Health is actively engaged in researching ways and means to find the cure for diabetes, which at the moment has so far not materialized, neither for type 1 nor for type 2 diabetes though the main focus is on finding a cure for diabetes of type 1 diabetes. The focus of the Center for Disease Control is on the other hand engaged in learning how best to cope with diabetes once it strikes a person.

As far as the cure for diabetes is concerned, there are a number of avenues being pursued that include transplanting the pancreas, transplanting Islet cells that are known to produce insulin, developing artificial pancreas, and finally, manipulating genes so that man is able to make pseudo Islet cells, and this can be achieved through insertion of human insulin genes into fat or into cells of the muscles that in normal course do not produce any insulin on their own.

Thus, these steps that are being taken to find a cure for diabetes are on the right track though the challenges that man is facing are also quite immense as it involves being able to handle and also prevent reactions on the part of the immune system, having the required numbers of insulin cells, being able to keep the transplanted cells alive and many more similar problems. Nevertheless, one can reasonably say that progress is being made albeit slowly and quite consistently in each of these areas.

For those who are wondering whether insulin is indeed a cure for diabetes, the answer unfortunately is in the negative since it only lets the diabetic survive and adjusting the levels of insulin intake is also not done very precisely which gives rise to the risk of having too much or too little insulin injected thereby causing the diabetic to lose consciousness, become confused and even lapse into coma.

All we can do in the meantime is pray that the cure for diabetes will not be long in coming and hope that all the research and effort being done to find a cure will fructify in the not too distant future.